LUMEXPLORE  Scientific and Environmental Exploration Film Festival

  Geographers, ethnologists, botanists, archaeologists, entomologists, oceanographers, speleologists, astronauts, … scientists, explorers and adventurers discovering the worlds, all amaze us through films with astonishing images. Science and research happily rub shoulders with extraordinary human adventures.  

Photo exhibitions, workshops, book stands... where you can meet friendly and accessible explorers and scientists.  

Lumexplore Grand Prize awarded by the Iris Foundation :
Voyager probe, En route to infinity ❞ by Emer REYNOLDS

2017, Prod ARTE, BBC, Crossing the Line, Tangled Bank Studios, ZDF, 2h.

Public Prize:


Prod MC4, association Center Terre

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"Surrender to the Wild" by Lionel Prado

And here is the new film by Lionel Prado, the first winner of the Iris-Terre Sauvage Grant.  

SCREENING of MAY 6 online  with the possibility of speaking with the director.

"An immersive film, authentic and without artifice. At the heart of the urgency of life and in the peace of the Savage"  

An immersion in total autonomy without any canoeing experience: 25 days on the water over 500km of wild river. A return to the rhythm of nature, in the boreal forest of the Canadian Far North.



"Surrender to the Wild" by Lionel Prado

A meeting to question the place of the wild in our modern societies

Discover the movie  Surrender to the wild  during an online screening accompanied by an exchange around the wild with the director Lionel Prado

RDV Thursday, May 6 at 8:00 p.m.



Photographic mission

"Wild Wonders of China"




The Grand Bivouac Festival 2020

the  festival was able to take place, certainly in very restrictive conditions in this year 2020 of pandemic, but it did take place!  

"we are pleased to have seen tears, smiles, sincere, touching, profound words from several thousand spectators welcomed, all wiser, respectful, responsible and understanding of the devices and arrangements implemented..."

Jean Sébastien Esnault, general delegate of the Grand Bivouac festival  

Congratulations to the whole team of the festival who knew how to realize  with  tenacity and inventiveness,  special facilities for  face-to-face version and an innovative digital version!  

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