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affiche de la Bourse Iris-Terre sauvage, deux oiseaux en parade

Assigned to

Florine Menetrey & Jeremy Nourrisson

Bourse Iris-terre sauvage


“This scholarship allowed me to carry out a project that was close to my heart, that of believing in harmony between man and nature on a territory. »

  Lionel Prado - Winner 2016



Because it is "necessary to take the time to understand the world and the image is one of the best vectors for discovering it", the  Iris Foundation  and the magazine  Terre Sauvage  joined forces in 2016 to launch the Grant for young nature photographers.

The idea? Nurture talents.


Each year, photographers passionate about nature under the age of thirty are invited to submit their reportage project on a nature theme and send their portfolio. 10 candidates will be nominated: 8 by the editorial staff of Terre Sauvage, and 2 thanks to a Public Prize, which will take place in the form of a photo contest on Facebook. These 10 files will then be submitted to the jury, made up of the editorial staff of Terre Sauvage, members of the Iris Foundation and  Vincent Munier , renowned nature photographer and sponsor of this new edition.


To be won: two grants of €5,000 to produce your report, which will be published in  Terre Sauvage


To participate, you must send a complete file including:


• A report already made of 15 photos, with 1000 signs of synopsis to present the subject.


• 10 "Best-of" images that provide insight into the variety of your work.


• 1 single photo that represents, in your opinion, all of your work: it will allow you to participate in the Public Prize, via a contest on Facebook: the two photos that will collect the most "likes" will win their authors a place among the 10 nominees, as well as a one-year subscription to  Terre Sauvage .


• A synopsis of 2000 characters on the reporting project for which you are applying for the Iris Terre Sauvage Grant (location, ideal period of production, elements of context, synopsis, photos envisaged, etc.).

Winter 2020

The Iris Foundation supports, for the 5th consecutive year,

the Iris-Terre Sauvage Grant .

Among the forty candidates, 8 nominees and 2 winners were elected. 

Congratulations to Florine Menetrey and Jérémy Nourrisson who each obtained €5,000 to produce their report in 2021.

In Terre Sauvage magazine  published in December 2020, these young photographers  are in the spotlight with the publication  some of their photos

couverture du magazine Terre sauvage, lynx


Florine Menetrey
BOURSE IRIS, Florine Menetrey, paysage du Jura
Jeremy Nourrisson
BOURSE IRIS, Jérémy Nourrisson, ours vue de dos


Ambre de l'Alpe, bourse iris
Ambre de l'Alpe, bourse iris, Paysage du Vercors
Lionel Favre, Bourse Iris
Lionel Favre, bourse iris, oiseau de Patagonie


Jessica Buczek, bourse iris
Jessica Buczek, bourse iris, Parc de Bialowieza en Pologne
Teddy Bracard, bourse iris
Teddy Bracard, bourse iris, faune de Suède


Camille Michel, bourse iris
Camille Michel, bourse iris, Groenland
Michel d'Outremont, bourse iris
Michel d'Outremont, bourse iris, loup dans le parc de Yellowstone


Jérémie Villet, bourse iris
Lionel Prado, bourse iris
Jérémie Villet, bourse iris, Yukon, Canada, Aigle
Lionel Prado, bourse iris, montagne
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