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couverture du livre "au premier matin du monde", fondation Iris


Iris Foundation

Aboard traditional Indonesian boats, the expeditions led by the Iris Foundation have criss-crossed the most secret places of West Papua and the Lesser Sunda Islands. A hidden treasure with the air of a forgotten paradise, life on land can only be guessed at reluctantly through forest meanders, while in the heart of the shimmering coral reefs, the fascinating and prolific underwater life offers itself without restraint. Bringing together scientists, photographers, videographer and designers, these two expeditions are resolutely in the footsteps of Alfred Wallace, famous naturalist co-founder of the theory of evolution and marvelous author of The Malay Archipelago. The exceptional work that the Iris Foundation delivers here aims to bear witness to the singular beauty and the incredible biodiversity that still reign in this preserved but endangered universe.  

Visit the dedicated website .

livre "vivre avec la terre", ferme du Bec Helloin

"Living with the land"

Perrine and Charles Hervé-Gruyer

The IRIS foundation supported this commitment:  

How to feed the humanity of tomorrow? It seems obvious that our current agricultural model, dependent on fossil fuels, destroyer of land and biodiversity, emitter of greenhouse gases, will not be able to perform this task.  


The Ferme du Bec Hellouin in Normandy, initiated by Perrine and Charles Hervé-Gruyer, is experimenting with a new form of agriculture, in profound rupture with current models: eco-culture, which is based on the imitation of natural ecosystems.

Fondation Iris, couverture livre Marion Chaygneaud-Dupuy, everest, nettoyer le toit du monde

"Breathe, you're alive"

Marion Chaygneaud-Dupuis

Founder of the Highland Initiative association, supported by the  IRIS Foundation .

We discover how Marion was led to climb Everest three times without seeking sporting achievement, but rather by cultivating gentleness and the desire to become an eco-responsible mountaineer. She tells how she contributed to developing a sustainable waste management model in the high mountains with all the Tibetan guides: the “Clean Everest” operation.

In this story, she offers her triggers for spiritual and ecological adventure and invites everyone to put compassion at the heart of all action.


Imagine the world of tomorrow

Collective and under the direction of Xavier Pavie

It is up to us to invent the future. 

As part of his teaching at ESSEC, Xavier Pavie involved dozens of specialists on the topic of "imagining the future". The most significant contributions have been collected and rewritten for publication. 

Many themes (health, technology, environment, culture, etc.) are addressed by some of the most media-friendly personalities among the philosophers, futurists, renowned essayists who have taken part in the exercise....

Among which, the author of the book "Fleuves Frontières" Franck Vogel, which the Iris Foundation has supported.

Agir ensemble en forêt


Gaëtan from Warnaffe Bus, 

Marjolaine Boitard, 

Pascale Laussel

We are all attached to forests. But we are often unaware that this ecosystem which regulates the climate, the waters and even our own well-being, is today threatened. In line with intensive agriculture, monocultures degrade forests by reducing biodiversity while chemical inputs and heavy mechanization destroy soil life. While a handful of actors concentrate power, jobs and know-how are withering.

Designed as an act of resistance, this guide is rooted in the experiences of actors in the field who pool their energy to experience the forest differently.  : shared forest ownership, responsible consumption, school in the woods…

Lumberjacks, longshoremen and owners will find in this manual detailed information allowing them to be and act in the forest as close as possible to its natural rhythm. Both walkers and city dwellers will draw knowledge and means of action from it to contribute to its preservation. Resolutely practical and committed, this book offers us ways to explore in order to reinvent our relationship with the forest, freed from a purely utilitarian vision.

Couverture du livre "Pongo"de Maxime Aliaga


Maxime Aliaga

An exciting, informative and committed book on orangutans and their conservation.


The result of several years of work in the forests of Indonesia in contact with wild orangutans, this book aims to amaze you through the fascinating life of our closest cousins. This species so close to us is unfortunately in danger of extinction.  

This book will give you the keys to understanding the threats hanging over them and their forests, as well as reflections on the actions to be taken to save them from decline.

Preface by Francis Hallé,  botanist and biologist specializing in trees and tropical forests.

l'Europe réensauvagée


Gilbert Cochet & Beatrice Kremer-Cochet

This European tour of the state of rewilding of the various natural environments reveals that, despite a passage through the virtual extinction of many iconic species, in all countries inspiring and successful initiatives are emerging. Bison, bears, eagles, sturgeons and seals return. The cohabitation of man and savage is therefore possible.

This book, based on the sharing of positive experiences, encourages reflection and action. To move forward and overcome obstacles, it is sometimes enough to change your point of view.

Le genie des abeilles


Eric Tourneret, Jürgen Tautz, Sylla de Saint Pierre

After the success of the Honey Routes, Eric Tourneret, "the photographer of bees", and Sylla de Saint Pierre associated here with Jürgen Tautz, a great specialist in bee biology, return with new breathtaking photographs taken in the heart of the colony as well as in the laboratory, and a text that will stand out for the quality of its writing and its documentary solidity.  An unmissable sum on the fascinating "genius of bees".

The  Iris Foundation  

supported Éric Tourneret for his  exhibition on the gates of the Luxembourg Garden  in Paris in 2016.

livre origines d'olivier grunewald


Olivier Grunewald, Bernadette Gilbertas

A photographic journey of four billion years recounting the birth of the Earth and its evolution. The book takes the reader to the heart of the history of the Earth, through the photographic work of Olivier Grunewald, and the explanatory texts of Bernadette Gilbertas give the floor to scientists. Designed as a chronological fresco, it will unfold the thread of the creation of the world, from the original Chaos to the animal kingdom.

               The  Iris Foundation  

supported scientific expeditions led by Olivier Grunewald  at  Dallol in Ethiopia in 2016  and at  Nyiragongo in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2015 .

couverture du livre "regards croisés sur l'agroécologie, Maxime de Rostolon,


Maxim of Rostolan

Rustica's new ecology collection, an awareness to take action at your own level and prepare for the future. Written by an author at the heart of the issues addressed, Maxime de Rostolan, founder of the association Fermes d'Avenir, assisted by the cross-views of experts such as Claude Bourguignon, Marc Dufumier and Alain Passard, this book deals with agroecology in the broad sense : human, societal, committed, and concrete civic actions to be carried out each at their own level.

The  Iris Foundation  

supports the association  Farms of the Future  for several years.



Francis Hallé

Cet ouvrage est le premier d'une série de 3 livres, un voyage à la découverte des extraordinaires travaux botaniques de Francis Hallé, ses explorations en forêts tropicales de la planète, ses pauses entre deux expéditions dans les Jardins botaniques du monde ou encore la formidable épopée du Radeau des Cimes.

La Fondation Iris 

a soutenu la publication de ces 3 ouvrages.

couverture du livre "permaculture"



Perrine et Charles Hervé-Gruyer

La ferme du Bec-Hellouin, créée en 2003 par Perrine et Charles Hervé-Gruyer en Haute-Normandie, fait aujourd'hui référence en matière d'agriculture naturelle. Cette réussite démontre la pertinence sociale, économique et écologique d'une agriculture permaculturelle. Dans cet ouvrage résolument positif, les auteurs proposent de nombreuses pistes novatrices, fondées sur des expériences réussies développées pour une agriculture tournée vers l'avenir.

La Fondation Iris 

soutient la ferme du Bec Hellouin depuis plusieurs années.

les routes du miel, livre d'Éric Tourneret


Éric Tourneret, Sylla de Saint Pierre

Eric Tourneret nous invite à parcourir les plus fascinantes "routes du miel", aujourd'hui menacées par l'uniformisation mondiale. Baroudeur assumé, "le photographe des abeilles" livre ici ses notes de voyages, coécrites avec Sylla de Saint Pierre, et ses plus étonnants clichés, réalisés dans 23 pays depuis une dizaine d'années. Passionné par la biologie et le devenir de ces exceptionnels passeurs de vie que sont les abeilles, il sollicite l'éclairage d'une dizaine de scientifiques de renom sur des aspects méconnus de la démocratie des abeilles tout autant que sur les dangers qu'elles encourent.

La Fondation Iris  a soutenu Éric Tourneret pour son exposition sur les grilles du Jardin du Luxembourg à Paris en 2016.

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